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How to Enjoy a Concert

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How to Enjoy a Concert

If you want to experience attending events you won’t forget, check out upcoming event schedules at Belly up Aspen. Opened in 2005 by owner Michael Goldberg, about 300 live shows happen here and have already featured popular artists including John Legend, The Chainsmokers, Adam Sandler, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

If you want to attend any Belly-Up aspen concerts and other events, you can visit our official website or reach the Box Office for more inquiries via landline or email. Gift cards are also available at the Box Office and online.

Belly Up Aspen has a capacity of 450 for standing, and can accommodate up to 325 for a seated show. General Admission shows offer limited fixed seating on a first come, first served policy. In addition, Belly Up Aspen is also a handicap-friendly venue – simply let the Box Office inform in advance.

Sumptuous meals and beverages are also available at the Belly-Up Aspen premises, including sandwiches and even vegetarian meals for everyone’s enjoyment. Alcoholic beverages are available at the event area, but you’re mainly responsible for your actions as consequences may incur.

Music concert etiquette 101

Attending concerts can be a fun experience, but sometimes, there are instances where some people may find us or someone annoying due to not following simple concert etiquette. Here are some tips you should remember when you’re attending a live show concert so you and everyone else around you (strangers or buddies alike) will have a night to remember:

  1. Avoid delays and prepare the requirements upon entering the event area

As much as possible, bring your ticket and valid ID (particularly if the event has an age restriction policy) so you won’t have to fumble with your bag or pocket the moment you’re in front of the ticket window. It will also help move the line more quickly.

  1. Be considerate to shorter attendees.

While “first come, first serve” is the general rule, there are times you have to be considerate with other people, especially those who are not blessed with height. The same applies when that person arrives ahead of you – let that person enjoy the entire show in full view. Whereas you should take your place where it’s available. Its lesson learned for you to come earlier so you can have a better view after all.

  1. Have fun, but keep it low-key

You may bump into some stranger and it can be annoying to them most of the time. You can even cause potential injuries like stomping on someone’s feet or getting elbowed in the face. Also, make sure you have extra clothes or at least have showered prior to the event in case you get sweaty during the event.

  1. Drink moderately

This timeless advice should be taken seriously, especially during public events. Enjoying a drink during a concert can be fun, but make sure not to spiral yourself out of control, like pouring it on someone’s shirt or something unless you want to start a rumble later on.

  1. Enjoy the night

Some events restrict audiences from using their phones as it can distract the artists and block the audiences’ view. Remember, your mom and dad or even your grandparents enjoyed live concerts without the presence of mobile phones during aspen concerts and the like – and still can recount those moments.