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Understand the Uniqueness of Gentleman’s Club in Comparison to A Strip Club

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If you plan to go out for adult entertainment then there are just two options i.e. gentleman’s club and strip club. Both terms are often used interchangeably but basically, they differ in many ways.

Club decor

The first noticeable difference is the décor and cleanliness. At gentleman’s club, the décor is classy than what you will see at a strip club. The tables are clean and nice, chairs are comfortable without scratches, couches are soft, rugs get vacuumed regularly, and surrounding is well-lit.

Alternatively, at the strip club atmosphere is stuffy, tables are not cleaned always after the customer leaves, carpets are stained and chairs are cheap. To hide imperfection the lights are dim-lit. You feel like you are in a creepy basement.

If you’re a VIP membership holder at the gentleman’s club than you enjoy free lunch, admission, no waiting, complimentary drink, and even take along a guest.


Strippers working at gentleman’s club are hotter and classier in comparison. Prettier girls attract rich customers, so you will find that the dancers wear sexy and expensive clothes. Moreover, their hair is done nicely and the erotic dancers spend good time in making themselves look attractive. Their looks are what brings customer return back to see them.

At strip club, the erotic dancers are not dressed in an elegant and graceful way. They are not bothered about pedicures or manicures. Their looks are not hot but the customers visiting such clubs hardly care about the strippers or desire to see them again.

Food & drinks

At the strip club, you can usually order pizza, chicken wings and fries. At, gentleman’s club you enjoy a gourmet meal served by top-notch restaurants. Drinks will cost significantly more than expected with bars equipped with high-end liquor.


Posh club attracts wealthy customers and is less likely to be filled with drunken idiots. Your lap dance will hardly be interrupted by a well-dressed drunken idiot drinking expensive booze. On the other hand, a strip club allows any local yokel whereas at gentleman’s club you need to follow the dress code. People wearing jeans, sneakers, or casual clothes are not allowed. At average strip clubs, you will see people wearing dirty work clothes or jeans.


If you go to nice place then expect some higher charges. It ensures right kind of customers get in and the riff raff gets blown off the street. Gentleman’s club ensures to give all the services like free valet parking, nicely dressed bouncer at front door who hardly drools when they check IDs. They make you feel that the price you pay to enter their establishment is worth.

Know that a single dollar will not get strippers shaking for you or paying ten dollar you cannot get an erotic dancer perform lap dance. So, if you actually plan to enjoy clubbing then visit the gentleman’s club. However, be cautious because there are some with cheesy signs advertising themselves as gentleman’s club. Ask around to ensure it is real or you can end up wasting money and time.